In 1990, after years of preparation, the Dutch Type Library started supplying exclusive digital fonts. The company was founded by Frank E. Blokland and has since grown into the largest of its kind in the Netherlands. In the production of fonts, attention is mainly paid to contemporary designs, but dtl also revives valuable historical letters. The Dutch Type Library feels connected to the rich typographical tradition of the Netherlands and dtl's collection can be compared to the very best that the famous type foundries have produced in the past.
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As font production at the Dutch Type Library became more professional and complex, the need for specialized software for font production grew. In the second half of the 1990s, Blokland started producing dtl FontMaster, a set of modules for professional font production under Mac OS, Windows and Linux. A very successful addition to the set of tools is dtl OTMaster, a font editing and modification tool with an sfnt file structure.
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dtl OTMaster is a tool for editing and altering fonts with a sfnt file structure